Mustang Monthly- Internet Edition

June 2009


2009 Summer Travel Meet Information


When:                         June 11-14, 2009

Where:                        Tom Lalor Invitational hosted by GPAC (12th – 14th)

                                    University of West Florida

                                    Pensacola, FL.


Hotel Info:                  Hampton Inn – Pensacola Airport

                                    2187 Airport Blvd.

                                    Pensacola, FL. 32504

                                    (850) 478-1123


Exec Transportation Bus

7:00 am June 11th, 200 from front of the SMU Indoor Pool

            6024 Bishop Blvd ; Dallas, TX.

** Bring sacks for the bus. We are planning on stopping for lunch and dinner depending on time and progress.



Approximately 10:00 pm June 14th, 2009 at the SMU Indoor Pool       


Make sure you’ve turned in:

  • Medical release form


What to Bring?

·        Money for meals (free breakfast at the hotel each day)

·        Snacks


Tentative schedule:


Friday and Saturday

13 and overs leave the hotel to go the pool at 7:30AM.  They will need to have eaten breakfast on their own before leaving the hotel.  Also, they will need to bring whatever they want to take to the beach - we will go to the beach directly from the meet.  Lunch and dinner at the beach.


12 and unders (Candace and, at this point, the Brandts will be with the younger swimmers) will leave the hotel to go the pool at approximately 11:00AM.  They will get together to eat breakfast that morning.  We will figure out something for their lunch.  then they will meet up with the older swimmers at the beach after their session is over.  Dinner at the beach.



13 and overs will eat breakfast on their own, be packed and checking out of the hotel before getting on the bus at 7:30 to go to the pool.  We will swim the 100 free and the 200 back, then get on the bus to head home (I'm thinking that will will leave Pensacola at about 10AM).  Maybe a box lunch would be good and we will stop for dinner.


12 and unders will have breakfast together and come over to the pool at 9AM.  They will not swim any events that day.




COPS B/C Invitational (May 5-8) 

Karen Miller and Jeff Veazey were there and were impressed with some great efforts and team spirit which made for a fun and productive atmosphere for the both the kids and the parents! Our Mustangs swam great individually and collectively as a team.  Only 2 swimmers out of 47 swimmers did not achieve at least one best time.  We finished 4th out of 15 teams in the overall standings.  Listed below are those swimmers who finished in the money and scored points for the team.  Way to go Mustangs!


 Emily Allton (12), Jessica Ball (7), Connor Berry (11), Parker Capron (11), Alex Gerner (11), Julia Helton (7), Kate Hettrick (9), Michael Hitzelberger (12), Brian Jiang (8), Georgia Kelly (8), Sofia Lara (8), Sarah Lewis (11), Ellie Light  (12), Miya Malouf (8), Boni McVey (11), Ishan Mistry (8), Andrea Mora (11), Rachel Myers (11), Ethan Pittson (8), Eli Recinos (10), Hannah Reifsnyder (12), Gabrielle Schirmer (10), Olivia Schoenecker (12), Sam Schoenecker (12), Jena Seidemann (11), Alex Segal (9), Karina Sell (11 This short course yards meet was held at Oak Point Recreation Center in Plano.  Coaches), Abby Tchoukaleff (7), Madeline Tovar (11), Issy Tschurr (11), Jake Varela (9), Lauren Walters (10), Kennedy Wiegand (7), Jackson Yancey (9), Meagan Yancey (12)


Mansfield “A” meet – May 16-17, 2009

Alvin Jiang made history at the Mansfield “A” meet, which took place May 16 and 17, 2009.  Alvin broke a 17 year old North Texas swimming record in the 100 free with a blistering 1:04.53. Congratulations to Alvin on this incredible accomplishment and to the following Dallas Mustang swimmers who placed in the top eight:


Pauli Kerr, Jordan Malone, Rebecca Brandt, Audrey Gruber, Annelyse Tullier, Kenzie Murphy, Madeleine Marcos, Lauren Murski, Logan McGill, Erin Florence, Natalie Rathjen, Ali Smith, Caitlin Koranda, Jacey Hodan, Megan Ernst, Alyssa McElya, Blake Osborn, Alvin Jiang, Jacob Hum, Conor Guest, Eric Futscher, Jake Watters, Devin Compan, Greg Hoffman, Connor Nolan, Graham Smitham, Christopher Alkire, Matt Roney, Jeffrey Nichols, Liam Veazey, Jeremy Steward, Alex Robinson,


DASA Divisional and All Star Meets:  Volunteers needed!

The Dallas Mustangs' largest swim meet fundraiser of the year will be here soon!   Each year we host the Dallas Amateur Swimming Association's (DASA) championship and All Star meets as a fundraiser for our team.  This is also an opportunity for young recreational swimmers to meet the Mustangs and many of these swimmers from past years have joined our great club! 
The DASA divisional championship meets will be held this year on July 14 and 15 and the All Star Meet will be on July 20.   Please mark your calendars for this very important Mustang fundraiser and plan to come out and volunteer for a session or two.  Remember, revenue from this fundraiser benefits all of us by keeping our tuition low so please plan to participate in some way


Jan Miller and Dee Koranda
Meet Directors

Summer Schedule


Summer schedule (June 1-August 14, possible changes to some group times in August):


Nationals    7-9 am @ SMU M-F, 3:30-6:15 pm @ Loos M-Th


*Gold    9-11 am @ SMU M-F, 3-5 pm @ HP M-Th, and 4-6 pm @ Loos M-Th


Silver    6-7:30 pm at HP M-Th, 6-7:30 pm @ Loos M-Th, 5-7 pm @ SMU F


Bronze    5-6 pm @ HP M-Th, 6:15-7:15 at Loos M-Th


Red/Blue    4:30-5:30 pm @ CFB M-Th


*Those swimmers that are waitlisted for the Gold group and are currently swimming with the silver group may swim in the Gold practice this summer that is being offered from 3:00 - 5:00 at Highland Park.  This is the ONLY Gold practice they may attend.  These swimmers may also continue swimming with the silver group this summer if that is their preference until spots open up in the fall.

Please note that the Knights of Columbus pool will not be available to us beginning May 21 (last day of normal practices at KC is Wed., May 20).  Those swimmers may swim with any of the appropriate groups at the other locations


TAGS Summer Hotel Information


Hampton Inn & Suites

925 Earl Rudder Freeway South

College Station, TX. 77845

Phone (979) 694-2100

Group Code: DMS


27 total rooms per night blocked for the Dallas Mustangs Swim Club for the following dates:

Checking in on 7/29 (Wednesday)

Checking out on 8/2 (Sunday)


10 Double Queen suites $119 night

9 Double Queen Standard rooms $109 night

8 King Suites $119 night (king suites have a pull out coach)


Scheduling Updates


Our primary means of communication is via email.  If you are not receiving team e-mails please contact Donna Watters at  You can also check our team line at 972.530.SWAM (7926) for last minute scheduling changes.


Tuition Policy

The Dallas Mustangs is a competitive year round age-group swimming program.  As such we strive to provide consistent quality coaching and workout facilities.  To achieve this goal we establish pool rental contracts and salary commitments with our coaching staff for a full 12-month period.  The Dallas Mustangs Swim Team is not, and was not designed to be a swim program where swimmers drop in one month and out the next.  Flexibility has always been important to us.  We try to work with each family on the team and we will continue to do so. 


Tuition may be paid annually or monthly.  Monthly Tuition must be paid via  credit card only.  NO checks will be accepted at any pools or through the mail.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Annual tuition may be paid by check submitted with your registration form.


·        Tuition is due from September through July.

·        Leave of Absence (LOA) is available only for injury and medical reasons.

·        There will be a $10.00 per month discount for the second and subsequent swimmers in the same family.  The fourth swimmer is free.

·        If dues are paid annually, there will be a $110.00 discount for the second swimmer and a $220.00 discount for the third swimmer. If there are more than 3 swimmers; the three highest tuition rates will be billed and the 4th and subsequent swimmers are free.

·        A swimmer transferring from another team must be in good standing with their old team.

·        Tuition is due the first of every month. There will be a $5.00 per family late fee after the 10th of the month for non-zero balance accounts.

·        There are no tuition refunds, tuition paid for the month or the year commits you for that period.

·        Written communication to the DM Treasurer is required to change or stop automatic billing.

·        The swimmer(s) may be barred from swimming if there is an aged account balance is excess of 30 days.


Any questions regarding billing should be addressed to the team treasurer via e-mail:


Meet Entry Policy:

Meet entry fees will be paid by credit card only.  Your credit card will be charged monthly.  There will be a $1.00 surcharge per meet per swimmer added to the fee.  Meet entry fees will be charged separate from tuition charges.  All swimmers must maintain a current and up to date meet entry account.   Swimmers who do not provide valid credit card information for meet entry fees will not be allowed to enter swim meets.