What Makes the Pony Gallop

Much of what is accomplished by the Dallas Mustangs results from participation by swimmer's parents. The Dallas Mustangs is a parent run volunteer organization. Only the coaches are paid. As such, your contribution to volunteering is what makes the team a success. Every family is required to help at DM hosted events that their child is participating in and contribute to the continued success of the Dallas Mustangs.

A Special Note of Thanks

The Dallas Mustang Swimmers would like to thank our parents. Your efforts and time helping each of us, and the team, makes our team what it is - a great place to swim, grow and have fun!

An extra special thanks to the board members and committee leaders listed below -

Board Members -

Committee Leaders -


Are We Having Fun Yet?

We just don't go to practices and swim meets! Annually the team coordinates a number of special activities for members.

Examples include -

Dues - For Swim Year 2010-2011 (Effective 9/1/2010)

Through external fundraising, member volunteerism and making sure our money is spent for the right things - quality coaches and facilities - the Dallas Mustangs have dues that are competitive with other USA Swimming teams of similar quality (though such teams are hard to find).

Annual Fees

Every year, each swimmer is required to pay the annual fees listed below. Our membership year lasts from September through August. These fees are due in September for returning team members, or, paid when a new member joins the team.

DM Annual Registration fee -

The Dallas Mustangs Annual Registration fee includes the fee paid to register the swimmer with USA Swimming (in most cases $54). Pre-competition members only pay the USA Swimming fee when they join. If they subsequently join a competition group, they pay the difference between the USA Swimming and DM Annual Registration fees.

Tuition - Annual and Monthly Plans

Swimmers in all groups may swim any number of workouts they wish. There is a $10 per month/$110 per year progressive discount for the second and third swimmers from the same family. Four or more swimmers?...heck...they're free!

All tuition is paid via electronic bank draft or credit card with Annual and Monthly payment options available.  The Annual Plan covers swimming for one-year starting in September 2010.  The Monthly Plan is a payment for each month (September thru July) – 11 months.  August is generally a month with sporadic activity by a limited number of swimmers, therefore, there is no payment in August. If a swimmer starts on, or after, the 20th of the month, tuition doesn’t start until the beginning of the following month.