2010 TAGS Championship Meet Recap


The Texas Age Group Swimming Championships were held in the Woodlands March 11-14, 2010.  The young Mustangs battled well throughout the meet and came home with yet another top ten team finish.  Rebecca Brandt and Alvin Jiang led the charge by winning their age group's individual high point awards.  Rebecca won six events, while Alvin picked up four wins with a TAGS meet record in the 50 fly.   Madeleine Marcos powered her way to a win in the 1650 freestyle.


Individual Scorers (top 8 finishers):

Rebecca Brandt - 50 fr (1st), 50 bk (1st), 100 bk (1st), 100 fl (1st), 100 IM (1st), 200 IM (1st)

Pauli Kerr - 50 fr (4th), 50 bk (8th), 100 IM (8th)

Tiffany Futscher - 50 fr (6th), 50 fl (4th), 100 fl (3rd), 100 IM (8th)

Kate Boyer - 50 br (3rd), 100 br (6th), 200 br (3rd)

Logan McGill - 50 fr (7th), 100 br (4th), 200 br (4th)

Madeleine Marcos - 500 fr (3rd), 1000 fr (5th), 1650 fr (1st)

Lauren Murski - 1000 Fr (8th)

Jacob Hum - 50 bk (7th), 50 br (3rd), 100 br (3rd), 50 fl (5th), 100 IM (7th)

Alvin Jiang - 50 fr (3rd), 100 fr (3rd), 50 bk (1st), 50 fl (1st), 100 fl (1st), 100 IM (1st), 200 IM (3rd)

Alexander Ober - 50 bk (5th), 100 bk (4th)

Jasper Van Cauwelaert - 50 bk (7th)


Scoring Relays:

11-12 Girls 200 Fr Relay  (6th) Caroline Blaylock, Kate Boyer, Pauli Kerr, Tiffany Futscher

11-12 Girls 400 Fr Relay (7th) Boyer, Blaylock, Kerr, Futscher

11-12 Girls 200 Med Relay (6th) Kerr, Boyer, Futscher, Blaylock

11-12 Girls 400 Med Relay (5th) Kerr, Boyer, Futscher, Blaylock

13-14 Girls 200 Fr Relay (7th) Logan McGill, Annelyse Tullier, Madeleine Marcos, Lauren Murski

13-14 Grils 400 Fr Relay (8th) Tullier, McGill, Murski, Marcos

13-14 Girls 800 Fr Relay (7th) Tullier, McGill, Murski, Marcos

13-14 Girls 200 Med Relay (5th) Murski, McGill, Kenzie Murphy, Marcos

13-14 Girls 400 Med Relay (7th) Murski, McGill, Murphy, Marcos

10 & Under Boys 200 Fr Relay (6th) Felix Van Cauwelaert, Jacob Hum, Mohit Rao, Benjamin Hurst

10 & Under Boys 200 Med Relay (8th)F.  Van Cauwelaert, Hum, Rao, Hurst

11-12 Boys 200 Fr Relay (7th) Adam Rathjen, Jasper Van Cauwelaert, Mason Kelly, Alvin Jiang

11-12 Boys 400 Fr Relay (7th) Rathjen, Alexander Ober, Kelly, Jiang

11-12 Boys 400 Med Relay (7th) J. Van Cauwelaert, William Wessman, Jiang, Rathjen


Congratulations to our 2010 Short Course TAGS Team

Caroline Blaylock

Kathryn  Boyer

Rebecca Brandt

Caroline Florence

Tiffany Futscher

Mckinley Guest

Pauline Kerr

Avery Kesterson

Jordan Malone

Madeleine Marcos

Logan McGill

Natalie Morris

McKenzie Murphy

Lauren Murski

Annelyse Tullier

Elizabeth Wessman

Rebecca Wessman


Anna Wilcox

Sophia Wilcox

Parker Benn

Leonidas Blaylock

Mitchell Boyer

Thomas Guest

Jacob Hum

Benjamin Hurst

Alvin Jiang

Mason Kelly

Mohit Roa

Adam Rathjen

Hector Rivera

Felix Van Cauwelaert

Jasper Van Cauwelaert

John Watters

William Wessman