2010 Short Course Sectionals Championship Meet Recap


The Mustangs traveled with 31 swimmers to the United States Sectional meet held at Texas A&M March 4-7, 2010.  This year's senior championship meet brought together 800 swimmers from over 70 clubs, representing 17 LSCs (Local Swimming Committees) from around the country.  The Mustangs finished to meet in sixth place overall.


Individual Scorers (top 16 finishers):

Claire Brandt - 50 fr (8th), 100 bk (10th), 200 bk (3rd), 100 fl (11th)

Allison Arnold - 200 fr (7th), 500 fr (8th), 1000 fr (6th), 1650 fr (3rd), 200 IM (16th)

Jayce Hodan - 100 br (7th), 200 br (6th)

Marylyn Toledo - 100 br (16th)

Matt Roney - 100 fr (11th), 200 fr (4th), 500 fr (10th), 100 fl (16th)

Connor Nolan - 200 fr (3rd), 500 fr (3rd), 1000 fr (8th), 1650 fr (12th), 100 br (12th), 200 br (7th), 400 IM (4th)

Jack Beckwitt - 200 bk (4th)


Scoring Relays:

Girls 400 Fr Relay (8th) Claire Brandt, Alexandra Huff, Alison Moffit, Marylyn Toledo

Girls 800 Fr Relay (8th) Allison Arnold, Brandt, Moffit, Alexandria Smith

Girls 400 Med Relay (5th) Brandt, Jayce Hodan, Toledo, Arnold

Mens 400 Fr Relay "A" (4th) Matt Roney, Malin Kenny, Connor Nolan, Devon Compan

"B" (13th) Greg Hoffman, Sean Bray, Sam Murphy, Graham Smitham

Mens 800 Fr Relay (5th) Roney, Kenny, Nolan, Bray

400 Med Relay (4th) Jack Beckwitt, Nolan, Roney, Compan


Congratulations to our 2010 Short Course Sectionals Team

Allison Arnold

Claire Brandt

Michelle Chow

Erin Florence

Destine Godfrey

Emma Gruber

Tanner Harris

Jacey Hodan

Alexandra Huff

Meredith Kelly

Caitlin Koranda

Madeline Mailliard

Madeleine Marcos

Alyssa McElya

Alison Moffit

Jordan Newman


Alexandria Smith

Marylyn Toledo

Keegan Watters

Christopher Alkire

Jonathan Beckwitt

Sean Bray

Devon Compan

Eric Futscher

Gregory Hoffman

John Kenny

Samuel Murphy

Connor Nolan

Matthew Roney

Robert Smitham

Liam Veazey