Mustang Monthly- Internet Edition

September 2010




Haunted Hat Meet/Volunteer Requirements


We will be hosting the annual B/C Haunted Hat meet the weekend of October 22-24.  This is a great opportunity to get your volunteer hours in and to meet both old and new families.  If you have a child swimming in this meet you must work two full sessions. Reminder that our volunteer policy requires every family to volunteer in a minimum of TWO sessions per year at a Mustang hosted meet regardless of whether your child participates in meets.  In addition, if your child is competing in a Mustang hosted meet you must work at least TWO sessions in that particular meet. Volunteer requirements must be met by August 1, 2010.  If your child does not compete in any Mustang hosted meet you still must volunteer at least TWO sessions.  All swimmers get the benefit of the coach’s attention and all are expected to volunteer.  If you do not sign up for a session our meet directors will assign you one.  If you do not fulfill your requirement your credit card will be charged $200.  Please keep in mind that this is a minimum requirement.  Many of our families put in much more than this and we encourage all families to consider working more than the minimum.


For volunteer policy questions or clarification, contact Jan Miller at



The Dallas Mustangs Swim-A-Thon is just around the corner.   This year’s Swim-A-Thon will be held on Tuesday, November 16th.   To keep with tradition, we will have fabulous  prizes for the top fund-raisers.   Keep an eye on your emails for further details.  
If you have any questions, please contact David Murphy at



Annual Intrasquad Meet/Parent Meeting


We will have our annual intrasquad meet on Wednesday, October 6th at Loos. All swimmers and parents should plan to be there from 5:30 – 7:30pm.  The swimmers will get in the water at 5:30 and the meet will begin at 6:30. We will be having a parent orientation meeting beginning at 5:30. This meeting is particularly important for new families. We will also have a parent orientation at Highland Park pool on Thursday, October 7th for those families who cannot attend the meeting on the 6th at Loos.

 Please note that there will not be any workouts at any of the other pools that evening.  

For the intrasquad meet swimmers from all groups are divided by our head coach, Mook Rhodenbaugh, into 8 different teams.  Each swimmer will have an opportunity to swim a couple of sprint swims and the team displaying the best team spirit, wins the meet.  It is a great opportunity for team building and those new to the team to get to know swimmers from the other groups and pools.  Please make every effort to participate—it’s guaranteed to be a ton of fun for the kids.


Meet Recaps


MAC/MARS B/C Meet (April 10 – 11)


The first meet of the Summer Season was held at the bright and clean Mansfield Aquatic Center.  We had 49 Mustangs at the meet and we placed a solid 3rd in the combined Division 1 and Division 2 team race.  The Mustang Coaches were pumped up by the great efforts especially given that all but three of our swimmers who swam at the meet achieved at least one best time.  Many had all best times! 


Below is a list of the swimmers who scored points for the team in the meet.  Those swimmers whose names are in italics won at least one B or C level event.  Great job to all our Mustangs!


Robert Arends (10),Jessica Boyer (9), Laura Brayshaw (12), Parker Capron (12), Christopher Cartwright (11), Anna Crowling (11), Emily Currie (7), Iain Donaldson (11), Sara Duke (12), Elizabeth Estes (8), Robert Garner (11), Ben Gruber (12), Erin Harper (8), Julia Helton (8), Paxton Herod (12), Amy Hess (12), Tyler Hinderliter (8), Malak Hmimy (11), Carlos Joglar (11), Grace Jolas (11), Jessica Jordan (12) Georgia Kelly (9), Tara Lalvani (11), Sarah Lewis (12), Taylor Mason (12), Ishan Mistry (9), Max Moundas (8), Caroline North (11), Eli Recinos (11), Alex Segal (10), Michael Stanzel (8), Emily Stanzel (10), Abby Tchoukaleff (8), Alish Tierney (8), Niamh Tierney (11), Madeline Tovar (11), Issy Tschurr (12), Max Van Cauwelaert (8), Jamie Wander (7), Nate Young (12)


COR/RACE BB Meet (April 17 – 18)


We had 27 of our Mustangs break the ice in the first long course meet of the Summer Season.  The BB level meet was held at the new Rockwall facility and 20 our of our 27 swimmers entered in the meet scored points and 26 out of the 27 entered got at least one best time!  Any swimmer with three or more BB time standards for their age is eligible to swim whatever they want in this meet.  Any swimmer 13 and over can swim anything they want at the BB meets provided they don’t have an “A” time for the events they try to enter.  We need more of our 13 and over swimmers to show up at these meets!  Below is a list of those BB swimmers who did score for the team.  Awesome job Mustangs!

Rachel Becker (12), Connor Berry (12), Caroline Blaylock (13), Carolina Campbell (11), Christopher Collins (16), Nolan Daniels (13), Kathleen Hettrick (10), Benjamin Hurst (10), Brian Jiang (9), Jordan Malone (11), Mika Malouf (12), Addison McElya (14), Sydney Patterson (15), Hannah Reifsnyder (13), Charlotte Rolfe (13), Shauna Seidel (12), Hayden Tompkins (14), Maria Tovar (10), Jonas Veazey (13), Jono Womack (15)



Mansfield/Mars A Meet (April 23 – 25)


We took 45 kids all the way out to Mansfield and did a great job of swimming fast and competing well.  As a team we finished 4th out of 16 North Texas Area clubs.  Although 45 is a decent number of kids participating in this level meet many of our kids just went for one day which obviously makes it a little tougher for us to compete for team points.  For us it was basically a way to “get our feet wet” in regard to swimming fast in a 50-meter pool even though none of our team has had an opportunity to swim a great deal in one yet. 


Generally the older kids will struggle a bit since they typically have only been back in the water for at most a month after a one or two week break.  Better now than later in the season I say…… meets do help get the kinks out so don’t think you have to “wait” until your child is perfectly fit.  Sometimes meets offer the opportunity for kids to “race themselves” into shape a bit.  That is why early season you can swim more events and then when it gets close to the end of the season back off a bit so your child isn’t up on the blocks every 5 minutes with no rest in-between the events.


Here is a list of those kids who did “tough it out” and swim in that long 50 meter pool well enough to score points for the team. Mustangs “get ‘er done!”


Parker Benn (10), Kate Boyer (12), Claire Brandt (15), Rebecca Brandt (11), Devin Compan (17), Megan Ernst (17), Erin Florence (15), Tiffany Futscher (15), Audrey Gruber (13), Jacey Hodan (16), Jacob Hum (10), Alvin Jiang (11), Mason Kelly (12), Pauli Kerr (11), Madeline Mailliard (15), Madeleine Marcos (14), Lauren Murski (14), Mohit Rao (9), Alex Robinson (16), Ali Smith (15), Felix Van Cauwelaert (10), Jasper Van Cauwelaert (11), Jake Watters (14), William Wessman (12), Anna Wilcox (10)


NTN B/C Meet (May 1 – 2)


This B/C level meet held in Southlake was for Division 2 teams only of which us, the North Texas Nadadores, and LAC are the most prominent and competitive teams in that group.  We had 43 kids at the meet which may sound like a decent amount but we were outnumbered almost 3 to 1 by both of those teams in swimmers and even more in individual meet entries and yet managed to only get our score doubled by those two teams.  It seems that the further we have to drive as a team the less competitive we will be. 


If your kids go to practices then send them to the meets!  Check out “meet entry information” on how to enter the meets properly so you can keep your child focused on why they should keep coming to practice on a regular basis!  Below is the listing of those B/C swimmers who scored for the team and got some hardware to show for it.  Keep it going Mustangs!  Go get ‘em!


Sophia Anderson (9), Mary Beltran (91), Jessica Boyer (9), Laura Brayshaw (12), Carson Brockette (7), Anja Cronjaeger (8), Iain Donaldson (11), Sara Duke (12), Elisabeth Estes (8), Olivia Fennegan (9), Alexandra Gerner (12), Jacob Heck (7), Julia Helton (8), Madeline Helton (6), Tyler Hinderliter (9), Malak Hmimy (11), Omar Hmimy (9), Carlos Joglar (11), Georgia Kelly (9), Tara Lalvani (12), Brett Landin (9), Sarah Lewis (12), Ishan Mistry (9), Peter Paulus (9), Eli Recinos (11), Mason Scott (10), Alex Segal (10), Laurel Sell (9), Tori Smith (9), Michael Stanzel (8), Abby Tchoukaleff (8), Jamie Wander (7), Kristen Wander (7), Mitchell Ward (7), James Welch (12), Colin Wiegand (10), Nate Young (12)


FA/COR BB Meet (May 7 – 9)


The second BB long course meet of the season still had the majority of our BB swimmers with no long course water for practices yet but from the positive results from almost every swimmer it certainly looked like we were quite a bit more comfortable than we were when we dove in three weeks ago at the same pool.  Forty of our BB swimmers knocked down a best time in almost every event.  Only 4 of our swimmers failed to get at least one best time.


We finished 4th in the team race and got several new “A” times out of the meet.  Congratulations to all who attended and gave it their all.  Those who scored are listed below.  Mustangs Rock!


Rachel Becker (11), Connor Berry (12), Carolina Campbell (11), Parker Capron (12), Nolan Daniels (13), Clare Donaldson (12), Harrison DuBose (10), Jon Erickson (16), Brian Jiang (9), Morgan Koranda (14), Sydney Lacey (14), Jordan Malone (11), Mika Malouf (12), Addison McElya (14), Rebecca Miles (14), Sydney Patterson (15), Kathryn Stouffer (15), Max Van Cauwelaert (8), Jonas Veazey (13), Catherine Ward (16), Elizabeth Wessman (10), Rebecca Wessman (10), Shannon Wheeler (13), Megan Yancey (13), Michael Yost (17), Max Zotos (13)



DM A Meet (May 14 – 16)


This year’s version of the DM A Meet at SMU was attended by almost 60 of our A level swimmers and they did a great job of taking care of their home turf and came away with a very solid first place with about 33% more points than the second place team had!  The meet was run well as usual from our co-meet directors Dee Koranda and Jan Miller.  Thanks also to Deva Fontenot for helping out!  The weather did get a little “iffy” but we were able to survive that despite the first session being cancelled due to a huge storm rolling in. 


Below are the Mustangs who scored at the meet.  Thanks to all our parents for helping us run one of the best A meets of any kind around North Texas.  Awesome hospitality as usual…….the grill was working well cranking out some great burgers, brats, and dogs and believe you me I took advantage of it (in between swims of course!).   Mustangs are the best!


Juan Arbelaez (17), Parker Benn (10), Caroline Blaylock (13), Kate Boyer (12), Rebecca Brandt (11), Kim Bray (16), Sean Bray (17), Michelle Chow (41), Erin Florence (15), Tiffany Futscher (12), Audrey Gruber (13), Tanner Harris (16), Jon Hoffman (16), Jacob Hum (10), Alvin Jiang (11), Mason Kelly (12), Meredith Kelly (15), Pauli Kerr (11), Madeline Mailliard (15), Logan McGill (14), Natalie Morris (13), Kenzie Murphy (13), Sam Murphy (16), Lauren Murski (14), Connor Nolan (17), Alex Ober (11), Mohit Rao (10), Alex Robinson (16), Ali Smith (15), Graham Smitham (18), Annelyse Tullier (13), Felix Van Cauwelaert (10), Jasper Van Cauwelaert (11), Liam Veazey (16),  Jake Watters (14), William Wessman (12), Anna Wilcox (10)






Highland Park will be closed on the following Tuesday dates due to high school swim meets.  PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW WITH THESE DATES
October 12
October 26
November 30
January 11


School Year Schedule (September 2010 thru May 2011)

School Year Schedule (September 2010 thru May 2011)

Saturday morning workouts are scheduled during the season as needed for the Silver, Gold and National groups.

Loos Swimming Center (Addison)

National          5-7:30 pm Mondays thru Fridays

Gold                5:30-7:30 pm Mondays thru Fridays

Silver               6-7:30 pm Mondays thru Fridays

Bronze II         5:30-6:30 pm Mondays thru Fridays

Bronze I           6:30-7:30 pm Mondays thru Fridays

Beginning October 8 Bronze I and II will be from 6:00 – 7:00pm Fridays only


Highland Park (HP) High School Pool

Gold                4:00-6:30 pm Mondays thru Fridays

Silver II              4:30-6:00 pm Mondays thru Fridays

Silver I             6:45-8:15 pm Mondays thru Fridays

Bronze             6:00-7:00 pm Mondays thru Fridays

Beginning October 8 Silver will be from 6:00 – 7:30pm Fridays only


CFBISD Natatorium (Carrollton)

Red and Blue   4:30-5:30 pm Mondays thru Thursdays


Knights of Columbus (KC) Pool

Silver               6:00-7:30 pm Mondays thru Fridays

Bronze             6:00-7:00 pm Mondays thru Fridays


The KC Red Group will practice at 5:00 p.m. on the following days in the fall:

September - 8 W, 10 F, 14 T, 16 Th, 21 T, 23 Th, 27 M,

October - 1 F, 5 T, 7 Th, 8 F, 13 W, 14 Th, 18 M, 20 W, 25 M, 27 W, 29 F

November - 2 T, 4 TH, 8 M, 10 W, 11 Th, 15 M, 17 W, 19 F, 22 M, 23 T, 30 T



Dallas Mustang Financial Policies


1)     No Mustang Bucks will be awarded to a swimmer working at a Dallas Mustang swim meet.

2)     Mustang parents working as meet officials must have the meet referee sign their hours and the signed report has to be turned into the Dallas Mustang Treasurer.  An official working all of the meet’s sessions will receive a credit of $100.  If an official does not work the whole meet, the credit amount will be prorated based on the total number of sessions worked as a percentage of the total number of sessions in the offered in the meet.

3)     The Dallas Mustangs will not issue Mustang Bucks to families for referring new swimmers to the team.

4)     Each swimmer’s family is responsible for contacting the Dallas Mustang treasurer with updated credit card information (new credit card number, new expiration date, etc.).  From the date a request is made by the Dallas Mustang Treasurer for updated credit card information a swimmer’s family has 30 days to provide the needed updated information.  If the information is not given to the treasurer within 30 days the swimmer will not be allowed to swim until valid credit card information is provided. 

5)     Meet fees will be collected for all college swimmers affiliating with the Dallas Mustangs before the swimmer is entered in a meet.  Credit card information will be kept in the database for all college swimmers swimming with the Dallas Mustangs.



Painless Fundraiser


The Dallas Mustangs is registered with Tom Thumb in its Good Neighbor Program. Please remember to attach our Good Neighbor Number to your Reward Card and Tom Thumb will donate a percentage of the member’s total grocery purchases back to the Dallas Mustangs every time your Reward Card is used! Painless and potentially profitable for our team!




 Tuition Policy

The Dallas Mustangs is a competitive year round age-group swimming program.  As such we strive to provide consistent quality coaching and workout facilities.  To achieve this goal we establish pool rental contracts and salary commitments with our coaching staff for a full 12-month period.  The Dallas Mustangs Swim Team is not, and was not designed to be a swim program where swimmers drop in one month and out the next.  Flexibility has always been important to us.  We try to work with each family on the team and we will continue to do so. 


Tuition may be paid annually or monthly.  Monthly Tuition must be paid via credit card only.  NO checks will be accepted at any pools or through the mail.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Annual tuition may be paid by check submitted with your registration form.


·       Tuition is due from September through July.

·       Leave of Absence (LOA) is available only for injury and medical reasons.

·       There will be a $10.00 per month discount for the second and subsequent swimmers in the same family.  The fourth swimmer is free.

·       If dues are paid annually, there will be a $110.00 discount for the second swimmer and a $220.00 discount for the third swimmer. If there are more than 3 swimmers; the three highest tuition rates will be billed and the 4th and subsequent swimmers are free.

·       A swimmer transferring from another team must be in good standing with their old team.

·       Tuition is due the first of every month. There will be a $5.00 per family late fee after the 10th of the month for non-zero balance accounts.

·       There are no tuition refunds, tuition paid for the month or the year commits you for that period.

·       Written communication to the DM Treasurer is required to change or stop automatic billing.

·       The swimmer(s) may be barred from swimming if there is an aged account balance is excess of 60 days.


Any questions regarding billing should be addressed to the team treasurer via e-mail at .


Meet Entry Policy:


Meet entry fees will be paid by credit card only.  Your credit card will be charged monthly.  There will be a $1.00 surcharge per meet per swimmer added to the fee.  Meet entry fees will be charged separate from tuition charges.  All swimmers must maintain a current and up to date meet entry account.   Swimmers who do not provide valid credit card information for meet entry fees will not be allowed to enter swim meets.